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Welcome to USA Hospitality, Inc. - Your Premier Supplier for Hospitality, Food Service, and Building Maintenance Supplies

Discover a comprehensive selection of over 20,000 top-notch items at USA Hospitality, your leading one-stop-shop for Paper, Janitorial, Food Service, Building Maintenance, Safety, Furniture, and Linen Supplies

Our History

Pioneering Excellence Since 2006

Founded in 2006, USA Hospitality began its journey in a modest 10'x10' office space and a 10'x20' storage unit. Our dedication propelled us to extraordinary milestones - by 2008, our annual sales tripled to an impressive $750,000.00, even during the challenging economic recession of 2008-2010.

In 2010, we surpassed the $1 million mark, establishing ourselves as a dominant player in the Orlando Hospitality Market. Today, boasting a Multi-Million Dollar sales structure, our 30,000 sqft warehouse and transportation division ensure efficient product distribution across the Southeastern United States.

With over 20 years of hospitality and distribution experience, we've cultivated strong relationships with 1000+ customers in the Southeastern United States. Our catalog of 20,000 items, available for next-day delivery, reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Recognized as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by the City of Orlando in 2012, we expanded our commitment to sustainability in 2014 with the GREEN EAGLE division, focusing on "Environmental Friendly Products."

In 2015, we introduced the exclusive "Troy" private label, featuring high-performance items. Expanding further, in 2016, USA Hospitality launched the "Hospitality B2B" Buying Group.

Post-Pandemic Advancements

The challenges of the pandemic prompted us to evolve into a more intelligent and efficient operation. Introducing our proprietary software, the EZ System, we seamlessly integrated an EDI system with a just-in-time inventory system. Operating through 57 distribution points across the United States and the Caribbean, the EZ System has revolutionized our logistics.

Today, our clients benefit from cost-effective, swift deliveries, a testament to our commitment to adaptability and continuous improvement in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Your Best Unique Partner for Everyday Supplies

At USA Hospitality, our mission is to be your best unique partner, offering:

    • Top-quality products
    • Best customer service
    • Best prices in the industry

Our Brands

Discover unparalleled quality and service with USA Hospitality, your trusted partner for hospitality, food service, and building maintenance needs.

Explore the innovation of USA Hospitality through our exclusive brands:



Our team


It's important—dare we say essential—to infuse some fun into the workplace. Our "work-sweet work" philosophy indicates that we highly endorse a fun work environment. Moreover, ample research supports the idea that incorporating fun into the workplace enhances productivity, increases employee engagement, reduces the likelihood of job turnover, and simply makes everyone happier. That's the vibe at USA Hospitality...

Here is some of our fun...

And this is the Biggest Clown Ever... LOL

Our Management

My Life Beyond Boring Routine.

Greetings! I'm Claudio Castiglia, a dynamic individual born in vibrant Sao Paulo, Brazil. Embracing the complexity of my name with a touch of humor, I ventured into the world of industrial engineering. However, my heart found its true calling in international business trade, setting the stage for a remarkable journey.

In 1998, I took a leap of faith and migrated to the USA, where my professional odyssey began with a family-owned Indian business specializing in electronics and 24-hour photo development....

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Thank you USA Hospitality for helping us all the time. Even when we do emergency orders at the very last minute. You are our best supplier!

You are the company that we can trust. USA has personalized service and the best variety of products. Definitely, our one-stop-shop!

Our Park can count on your services anytime. Thank you for the great service and attention to detail. We like your personalized sales system where a real account manager visits our site and finds the right products for our needs. Keep it up USA!