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USA Hospitality, Inc. is your personalized one-stop-shop for products and services related to the hospitality, food service, and building maintenance industry. With more than 20,000 items, our core products are items related to Paper, Janitorial, Food Service, Building Maintenance, Safety, Furniture, and Linen Supplies.

Our History

How we did it...

USA Hospitality started in 2006. Our first office was a 10’x 10’ office space located inside an administration building. Our warehouse was a 10’ x 20’ storage unit. Our overall annual sales were about U$50,000.00. By 2007, our company had increased our annual sales up to $250,000.00. In 2008, our company triples the sales up to U$750,000.00 and established a new record for the company. At that time, we had grown our administration facility to a 3,000 sqft plus office, and the warehouse was about 10,000 sqft. When the recession hits the economy between 2008 and 2010, USA Hospitality started taking a great amount of business from other distributors that could not keep up with the economic crisis. In 2010, the company sales closed their last quarter over 1 Million Dollars and took a great portion of the Orlando Hospitality Market. Today, our company operates a Multi-Million Dollar sales structure. We are established on our own building with a total of 30,000 sqft of warehousing. We have our own transportation division that distributes our products to Southeast of the United States. After more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry and product distribution, USA Hospitality had created a great relationship with more than 1000 customers located in the Southeast of the United States. We carry about 20,000 items that are available to our customers on a next-day-delivery basis. On April 30th, 2012 our company became a certified MBE by the City of Orlando. In 2014, our company created a new division called GREEN EAGLE. This division is responsible for all "Environmental Friendly Products" in our catalog. In 2015, we also created an especial private label called "Troy". All items under this label are special designs for high performance. In 2016, USA Hospitality start their own "Buying Group" called HOSPITALITY B2B.


Our mission at USA Hospitality is to be your best unique partner providing everyday supplies at affordable prices and individualized services.

Our variety of supplies will engage any business to become our daily friends.

    • Top-quality products
    • Best customer service
    • Best prices on the industry

Our Brands

USA Hospitality is always bringing innovative products and suppliers to the industry. Here are some of our own Brands.

We are proud to promote and exclusively distribute the following names.



Our team


It’s important—dare we even say essential—to have some fun at work. Our "work-sweet work" reveals most of us strongly promote a fun work environment, but there’s also plenty of research that shows having fun makes employees more productive, more engaged, less likely to leave their jobs, and just plain happier. That is how we roll at USA Hospitality...

Here is some of our fun...

And this is the Biggest Clown Ever... LOL

Our Management

My Life Beyond Boring Routine.

My name is Claudio Castiglia... I know this is a complicated name...lol

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I went to industrial engineering school, however, I found my passion for international business trade.

I migrated to the USA in 1998. My first job in the USA was working at a family-owned Indian business selling electronics and 24hs photo development. It was a great experience to learn about the Orlando, FL metro area making great connections with many hotels and gift shops around the city.

I always liked sports and wild adventures. Therefore, this other passion led me to my second job in North America. I became a lifeguard at Wet n’ Wild aquatic park...

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Thank you USA Hospitality for helping us all the time. Even when we do emergency orders at the very last minute. You are our best supplier!

You are the company that we can trust. USA has personalized service and the best variety of products. Definitely, our one-stop-shop!

Our Park can count on your services anytime. Thank you for the great service and attention to detail. We like your personalized sales system where a real account manager visits our site and finds the right products for our needs. Keep it up USA!