How to Clean the Kitchen

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How to Clean a Kitchen


When cleaning your kitchen you should start with your fridge and stove.


Be sure to wipe the door panel, handle and the top of the fridge.


If you spray an oven ahead of time, make sure you remove the lower drawer because the oven cleaner drips into it and the cleaner will remove the enamel on the drawer. Place about 4 or 5 sheets of newspaper on the floor to catch any drips. Removal of the drawer also makes it easier to clean under the stove.

As an added precaution, fold a couple of sheets of paper towel and place them in the door crack and then close the door. This will absorb any drips that may occur.

Self-Clean Ovens

Remove the racks prior to setting the self clean including the side racks.

Small Appliances

Coffee makers, toasters, microwaves — clean and polish.


Wipe clean the outside of your dishwasher.


Clean under kitchen sinks, tidy, wipe and do the same for the garbage area. This area gets a lot of use and becomes dirty quickly.

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