Top 4 Factors to Select the Right Products

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4 Factors to Best Pick Your Products

How to Select Products for My Business...

We received a visit of a sales representative that quoted different products for our business needs.

Those products were very popular items that we use everywhere in our facility.

Most of the time, they are disposables products and they will end up being used just one time. For example: paper towels, wipes, toilet paper, napkins, gloves, can liners, break room and packing supplies, etc. It is important to remember that on these highly used products the waste and the lost ratios over exceed our expectations.

Therefore, we must control the expenses and usage of such important items.

The Sales Representatives at USA Hospitality, Inc know how to select the right products for your needs.

They had analyzed our necessity into the following 4 factors:

   First Factor = Budget

It is important to know how much is the budget available to purchase the supplies needed. The budget available will narrow down the selection of products. It is important to have a budget available on a shorter period of time. For example, knowing the monthly budget is better than an annual budget.

The importance of controlling a monthly budget instead a yearly budget is related to spotting an over expense before it becomes a bigger issue. Keeping the budget under control is one of the most important factors for your business to succeed.

USA Hospitality have some solutions for your business to control your budget on every purchase.

   Second Factor = Usage

It is necessary to know what kind of usage is going to be needed for a particular supply.

For example, it is going to be an item for a single usage (called disposable product) or it is something to be reused over and over again. How long it should last? How many times it will be used on a certain amount of time? It is extremely important to answer these questions before your final selection. The usage will determinate how much quality you must have for your product to last enough time to satisfy your customers.

   Third Factor = Quality

Depending on the usage needed the quality must be the best as possible. Quality, Budget and Usage will work together for a total satisfaction of your customers. Depending how well done is your product you will setup your BRAND to be famous for a high or low quality. Most of the time, ideally,  people are looking for high quality at the best budget as possible.

   Fourth Factor = Innovation

Innovation is a great bonus to add to your selection. It creates a sense of unique and latest trend. It is usually very welcome when buyers are very active and the industry is wealthy and growing. 

For your company to be the market pioneer maybe it is too expensive to justify. Think about how fast the item will become obsolete? It is very important to take in consideration how fast an item or a product will become obsolete in order to use your budget to buy quality products.

Sometimes, it is not a good decision to buy products top of the line. They are usually very expensive and will consume your budget very quickly.

For example, if we buy a technology that just came out, it will cost a fortune. It will be better to wait for a certain technology to become more popular and price will be more affordable.

If budget is not an obstacle for your product selection, the innovation factor will definitely create a sense of great surprise resulting in awesome memorable satisfaction for your customers. 



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