BBB - Commercial Kitchen

BBB - Commercial Kitchen 

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BBB020 - De-Greaser

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USA Hospitality is your personalized one-stop shop for products and services related to the hospitality, food service and building maintenance industry. With more than 20,000 items, our core products are items related to Paper, Janitorial, Food Service, Building Maintenance, Safety, Furniture and Linen Supplies.

After more than 20 years of experience at the hospitality industry and product distribution, USA Hospitality had created a great relationship with more than 1000 customers located at Southeast of United States. We carry quality products that are available to our customers on next day delivery basis.

At April 30th, 2012 our company became a certify MBE by the City of Orlando. In 2014, our company created a new division called GREEN EAGLE. This division is responsible for all "Environmental Friendly Products" at our catalog. In 2015, we also created an especial private label called "Troy". All items under this label is special design for high performance. In 2016, USA Hospitality start their own "Buying Group" called HOSPITALITY B2B.

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